Our Philosophy

S.P.E.E.D. firmly believes that the difference is in the details. We are different from other programs because:

– We take the time to thoroughly assess what the athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals are.

– We take pride in the amount of individualized attention and care we show during both assessments and training sessions and that we are truly focussed on the improvement of our athletes.

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– All sessions have specific skills that are taught at the highest level, as well as clear examples and situations of how these skills are used in game situations.

– Our focus is always on the highest level of correct execution possible. We teach, correct, assist and re-teach until skills are mastered.


We design programs individualized to their not only their needs and goals, but also the most trainable
areas for the age and gender.

– We focus our programs around the Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development Model (CS4L-LTAD), which outlines the guidelines for our Olympic Athlete Development Program.

– Even though we run small group sessions- each athlete works on their own individualized program, essentially creating multiple 1on1 session going on at the same time.



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