S.P.E.E.D. Athletes Make Huge Jumps

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In the past half-year, S.P.E.E.D. athletes have had some amazing successes not only in hockey, but some other sweet sports as well.           Lauren Park was just chosen for Canada’s National Development Team in Snowboard Cross. Congratulations Lauren in your quest to conquer your goal of

Complete Elite Development Camp

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This great video gives you highlights from the entire week.  Find out at the end what each athlete’s favourite part of the whole week was! August 11-15, 2014 was the first annual Complete Elite Development Camp at S.P.E.E.D. The program ran from 9am – 5:30pm Monday- Friday and consisted of

S.P.E.E.D.’s Gina Repaci makes Team Canada!

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Big Congratulations to Gina Repaci on being named to the 2014-15 Canadian National Women’s Development Team this summer. Click here to see the entire roster! ABOUT GINA She started training at S.P.E.E.D.  this past summer and made some major gains! Here is a video of Gina at S.P.E.E.D.   Other

It’s Not Yoga, It’s Parry!

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Well, actually, it is yoga, and it’s amazing. Our yoga instructor Parry helps athletes with all of the following and more!: –       Physical recovery –       Mental recovery –       Mobility –       Flexibility –       Mental toughness SPEED YOGA CLASSES RUN ON MONDAYS AT 1:30PM and  from January to March 2015. Here’s what some of

What is Periodization?

What is periodization? Periodization is a training method that varies the volume and intensity of different workouts and program phases in a systematic way to achieve your goals more effectively.  This method uses recovery time to create balance between all aspects of your training program.There are three main reasons to

2018 2019 SPEED HPP Lectures

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Other 99 Video Nutrition Week 1  Expectations at S.P.E.E.D.  Tracing the Puck  Goal Setting (Instead) Week 2 Failure —> Success Research Counting Crossovers and Strides What do We Eat? Week 3  Failure —> Success    Part II  Crossover To Stride Ratio  Processed Food Week 4 Recovery Methods   Crossovers & Students

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