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By now, you most certainly know the name Andreas Athanasiou and if for some reason if you can’t recall, here’s a reminder of some of his highlight reel goals.

The SPEED family is so proud of AA’s accomplishments, and even though he is only just becoming known worldwide, as our student we have known about him for a very long time.


“Training at S.P.E.E.D. Hockey Development with Ray LeBlanc was one of the best decisions I’ve made at a young age. Their program continues to get my overall strength and power to a level it’s never been at before. Every Off-Season, I come out in peak shape, allowing me to perform my best and accomplish my next goal, which has included making Team Canada Under 18, being drafted into the NHL, and playing for the Detroit Red Wings. Ray knows the science behind the sport and the training, definitely improving my overall body condition and helping to take my game to a new level every year.”

Detroit Red Wings, NHL