My Warmup is Your Workout

20 Mar No Comments Speed Blog

There are few things that more undervalued then warm-ups. A proper warm-up is essential both for injury prevention and optimal performance. When it comes to the hockey world, most people simply do not warm up enough! This goes for both the length of time, as well as the comprehensiveness of

Why Kettlebells Are So Good!

3 Mar No Comments Speed Blog

“My son wants to start training to get a stride up on the competition on the ice, what kind of equipment should I buy? A Bowflex? Dumbells? A Bench Press? There is so much out there and I don’t know what to choose.” I am often presented with this situation

How Young is Too Young? (to start training)

7 Feb No Comments Speed Blog

I am often asked the question, “how young is too young to start off -ice training?” This is, without a doubt, one of the most debated topics among Ontario minor hockey parents, coaches and trainers and there are many different opinions on the subject. Some people believe that children have

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