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High Performer Athletes have the opportunity to complete their academics in a half day, leaving the other half day for training in their respective sports! In Short, the school provides the education, and we provide the training (On-Ice, Off-Ice, and much much more)

Many Publically Funded Schools are now offering this program, including but not limited to (Hollycrest Middle School, Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, and now some schools in York Region, Peel Region and other TDSB Schools)



At S.P.E.E.D. every athlete is assessed for their on-ice and off-ice strengths and weaknesses. Then we set goals. The results of this determines the athletes program! THAT’S RIGHT, we have different athletes doing different skating, shooting, stickhandling, game-play and off-ice programs to complement what they need for their own development! A Concept that seems lost in the hockey world that we take very seriously.

Our knowledge and passion for individual development is un-matched. We know you will be overwhelmed by the quality and professionalism of our program. Come try us for FREE and see for yourself!



Location at Canlan Etobicoke canlan_logo

– 1 Hour of Ice Daily (Skills such as Skating, Stickhandling, Shooting and Hockey Sense)

  • 1/2 Hour Additional Ice for Shooting / Week

– 1 Hour Strength and Conditioning Daily (yoga/recovery, footspeed, agility, core strength, strength, power, endurance, flexibility and mobility)

– 1 Hour of Lecture Daily (game footage analysis, nutrition talks, food prep/cooking classes, recovery methods, goal setting sessions, lifestyle choices talks)



The process of applying to be a part of this program begins by

Step 1: contacting our Program Coordinator. You can contact Ray LeBlanc by emailing speed.leblanc@gmail.com. A discussion with Ray will help you ensure our program is right for you, as well as help you understand any details you are unsure of before applying.

Step 2: which is applying directly to the program at either Hollycrest or Silverthorn (You can find application information on the school’s websites which are linked below). PLEASE NOTE: There is an Application Deadline every School Year although there is no deadline for the SPEED portion of the program. But to get into the school, you must have your application in by their deadline!

Step 3: Once you are accepted by the school, contact Ray to set up a meeting to go over all of the details of our program!

Here you will find the application form for Hollycrest Middle School: